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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 17:46


The WheretoCard website www.wheretocard.nl or www.wheretocard.com is managed by Mobility Commerce Services Bv (Mcom). The following conditions, as well as Dutch law, apply to use of the site in the widest sense of the term. It is not permitted to refer to this site without prior written permission from Mcom. Mcom may change this disclaimer. You are therefore advised to read this disclaimer with regularity.

The information on this site is meant for general information purposes only. While Mcom observes the greatest possible care in compiling and maintaining this site, Mcom does not guarantee the correctness, the completeness or the currency of the information provided.

Linked sites
In addition to links to the Koninklijke Volker Wessels Stevin N.V. (VolkerWessels) website and websites of affiliate companies, the site also contains links to third-party information, products and services. Such a link to third-party information, products and services does not mean that Mcom guarantees the contents of these sites, or that these sites are in any way related to Mcom. Using the information and services provided by third parties is entirely at your own risk.

Intellectual property
Mcom reserves all rights, including copyrights, patent rights and trade mark rights, relating to the information on this site (including texts, designs, graphic material and logos). With the exception of downloading and printing information for non-commercial, informative and personal purposes, it is not permitted to use, reproduce, modify, distribute or publish the contents and layout of this site in any way without the express written permission by Mcom.

Electronic messages
Messages sent any way electronically may be used, changed, read or destroyed by third parties, uninvited and illegally. Mcom recommends that you do not send any secret or otherwise sensitive information to Mcom by electronic means. Electronic messaging is therefore entirely at your own risk.

Neither Mcom nor its officials, employees or representatives is/are liable for any loss, damage or costs of any kind that may arise from the information or the use, in the widest sense of the term, of this site or any sites linked to it. Mcom will in particular not accept any liability with respect to defects, viruses and other issues caused by accessing or using this site, the information provided on or through this site, the (illegal) using and changing, reading or destroying of information sent electronically to you or to Mcom via the site in any way, the loss of data, downloading or using software made available through this site, or any third-party claims in connection with using this site.